Self Learning Course

Whats Included

Access to all Online Learning Material

Get access to all of our Members Online Self Learning Course material which is password protected. Our Members get access to professionally designed learning material which have been created by industry professionals who have a combined 30 Years industry experience.

Access to all Future Updates to all Learning Material

Our content is constantly being improved and updated so it is always up-to date in the present times. This means our members will always have refreshed/updated professional designed content which will help them for there long term learning to ensure that they understand all elements of our content.

Access to our Guide to Trading Physcology

Trading Physcology is one of the hardest things to get correct when it comes to trading. Our Guide to Trading Physcology is created my industry professional who have over 30 years combined trading experience and gives there own professional insight on how your mind should work to get it right for trading.

Course After Support

Traders Community

Get access to our traders community group which is where our select mentors post there market analysis and speak on there own thoughts/reflection about the markets. This for people to get into the correct mindset abut trading by learning from professionals who have been doing it for a combined 30 years.

Monthly Webinar

Our Monthly Webinar is designed to bring all of our students together in an environment that is perfect for commonly asked questions to be answered. During our webinars we will go through an in-depth market breakdown so you get a first hand view of how our traders go through the process of a market breakdown.

Chapter Breakdown

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Forex

In this module, we introduce the FX market to you in layman’s terms. We look into the history, key information and jargons of the world’s largest market with no centralised exchange and a huge turnover and liquidity, estimated to be over $5 billion traded by day involving a variety of participants.

Chapter 2 - Mechanics of Forex

This chapter builds on the introductory chapter by bringing to light some FX trading specifics that unit in which price is measured and further enshrines that FX trading does not mean you physically own the asset so therefore they be a delivery of dollars in the post. Understanding leveraged products is paramount to FX trading and in this chapter, you are made aware of how leverage and margin work.

Chapter 3 - Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis is the study of past market action to help predict future market direction where market action consists of price and volume. We delve into the tools of Technical Analysis and what is considered as primary and secondary indicators as well as price patterns and trends.
Chapter 4 - Fundamental Analysis
Macroeconomic data is considered the main driver of the financial markets and in the FX we see a huge role macro data plays in shifting market sentiment. In this chapter, we will look at how economic indicators like interest rates and certain personalities like central bank governors play a part in market direction in the medium and long term.
Chapter 5 - Trading Psychology

The aim of this chapter is get you thinking like a trader. We investigate the different emotions traders experience during different market cycles. It is our hope that this chapter aids in your understanding that imaginations do not make successful trades and taking trades are real life situations.

Chapter 6 - Risk Management

We are always at risk when placing a trade and this chapter explores the ways we can mitigate risk before placing trades whilst managing it during trades.

Chapter 7 - Trading Strategies

Strategy building in trading is key to making a profitable. Building a strategy brings structure and uniformity to your trading and aids in finding your niche, being a particular currency pair or market trend. This chapter delves into the good trading practices and goes on even to explore how broker models can impact your trading.

End of Chapter Quizzes

Test yourself to see how you are progressing. Our end of chapter quizzes are designed to spot areas that you are weak on and gives you reference to the exact parts that you need a bit of extra work on.

Risk Warning

FX and CFDS are complex leveraged products which are traded on margin. Trading FX and CFDs is high risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks associated with these products. You may sustain a loss of some or all of your invested capital.